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With Affordability Comes Accessibility


If you are still new to both the VR concept and the 3D printing concept, join the club. These ideas and the implementation of them have been around in some fashion for decades. Only recently, though, have they been seeing the amount of print that they have been. This is because the technology in both have made great progress over the decades. Not the least of which is the possibility to marry both technologies and make fantastic works of living art with them.

The more expensive VR systems and the most expensive 3D printers are also the most detailed in their respective fields. These are what is now being used to make lifelike renderings of monsters, plants, desks, people…you name it, and there is a great possibility it can be made with these technologies in a realistic fashion. The practicality of being able to do this in a more cost-effective way than the old-school method of real-life materials, with human hands doing the making, is still yet to be realized.

The fact that it is possible, though, raises the chances that this will take the place of people making these things in the near future. Again, this is only being done with the most advanced and detailed VR and 3D technologies. Only major corporations, art studios, and movie companies are able to do this at this point. But like every other product invention before this, time will make it to where it will be more mainstream in price. No company out there will keep it to where only the very rich can afford this. There is too much money to be made. Keeping it a niche would not be practical for anyone involved.

For instance, Halloween is a time when we all go to a store and buy a costume or a mask. These are mass produced for the sole purpose of going into a store for people to buy. However, in 20 years it might be just as commonplace to render an image of a mask in VR, and then print it out with a 3D printer. A customized Halloween mask for roughly the same cost as buying what you can in a store.

The same could be done with anything else you wear. Instead of depending on a school to get a replacement baseball helmet because your old one broke, just VR and print one. You could personalize this as well, depending on rules the school may have on such things. The possibilities are endless, but it will take a little more time, another generation perhaps, before the average person can realize those possibilities. The cost is the main inhibitor at this point. Once the technologies are more mainstream and fine-tuned, the costs will start going down and we will see them as popular Christmas and birthday gifts.

So, again, if you are new to all this, it is very understandable as the technologies themselves still belong to the niche group of engineers that make them, and the corporations that can afford them.

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