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The Two Best VR Headsets For Your Money

Buying VR headsets can be a full time job if it is not something you are used to doing. Digging through manufacturer sites, retail sites, reviews, and business recommendations can be daunting for even the most experienced shopper. So, to help with the cause, here are the two best VR sets you can purchase between £200 and £500 for users of different experience levels.


For the ultimate crossover experience with VR and drones, you will want to look into the DJI Goggles set. This set is for the more experienced VR and drone users. Depending on the store you go through, this system will cost you roughly £499. Considering what this set can do, though, this is a good price. The drones this unit are compatible with are the Mavic Pro, Phantom 3, and Inspire 2. It comes with a remote control which can be used if needed, or the head movement option for controlling the drone can be used.

Some product sites will tell you that it is for use for those over the age of 18, yet also will tell you that it must be used under adult supervision. This seems to be the most confusing part of this product until you have played with the system for a bit to learn the intricacies of the operations. It shouldn’t take too long, though, because of all the improvements made from previous models of VR headsets, ease of use makes this one of the better ones.

This set also boasts two 1920×1080 viewing screens which is roughly double the amount most other sets have to offer. The long-range 360° viewing is also a best-in-class feature. The resolution differs with the distance that the drone is away from the set. When in the correct mode, the viewing will be in 3D out to a certain distance, then change back to 2D. It does this as seamlessly as possible though. It is quite impressive actually the way it can segue from 3D to 2D and back again with little, if any, visual interruptions.

Another added feature to this product, of which there are many, is the pairing capability. While using the headset to fly a drone, another user can have another headset on at the same time and see exactly what the “operator” sees. This is useful for giving a boss a real-time viewing of a mapping project you may be working on, or for showing a colleague a real-life example of an art or architecture project you are in the middle of. The amount of fun you can have with a DJI pairing of headset and drone is endless, as are the more practical possibilities of applying this to work.

When finished with the flying and recording aspect of the day, you can download the results on your PC or save it to the system. From there, the results can go anywhere else. This system is making work and school projects better, more in-depth, and easier to share with others. Whatever “game” you’re working, this system is upping that game substantially.



Have you been wanting a stand alone VR headset? Tired of the wires and other hardware that make it all work? Then look no further than the Oculus Go. The reviews are out and this is the perfect system for the first time user with a price tag that is more than reasonable. The screen resolution is just as good as systems that cost twice as much and there is room within for users who wear glasses. If you have a little extra, there is also an option for the lens to be of whatever prescription quality you need, so you can take off your glasses when you use this. This accessory is bought through a third party provider and can be found on the Oculus Go website.

The fit of the Oculus Go is something that has been tweaked on over the years and is just as good, if not better, than other units. The straps are adjustable on the over-the-head strap and the two behind-the-head straps. The unit itself is just as bulky as all the competitors’, but that minor inconvenience is always becoming smaller and smaller. Unlike the resolution of this unit which is getting better and better. 1280 x 1440 per eye equals out to 2560 x 1440 total. While not overly impressive in and of itself because of what competitors offer, it does show that this part of the technology is keeping pace with current needs as the technology in other areas is still improving.

There is also 32Gb of storage you can use to save your favorite experiences, movies, and games. You can upgrade to 64Gb for an extra £50, which is actually a very good deal, so that is recommended. While this unit was not made up to the same specs as those gamers use, the Oculus Go can be used for this. If you want to skydive or swim with the dolphins, the large screen format will get right there with it. If you live on a budget and your living quarters are not that large, this unit will make up for that. You can stream movies from your laptop or utilize the Netflix and Hulu type services to watch your favorite movies on a screen big enough to give you the feel that you are in a movie theater.

This may be the most favored feature of this unit. Taking a small physical space and seeing something virtually as if you are not in that small space. College dorms across the country are likely to have these as the price is right for the budget students are on, and a physical T.V. with the options that come with it are no longer needed if you have an Oculus Go. The app menu is easy to access and the entire system itself is easy to figure out whether you are familiar with VR technology or not. Another reason why this is a good starter set.

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