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The #Smart #Home #Devices You Should Check Out!

What pops into your mind when you hear words like “futuristic house” or “smart home?” Almost every technology company out there is racing to create the most sophisticated gadget to simplify our daily chores and boost our productivity. Answers like remote security control, temperature management, and voice-controlled speakers are common, but there are other inventions you should also check. Some of them may be just what you need!

1. Smart plugs/switches/outlets

Many people think that upgrading to a smart home means spending a lot of money, but the issue can be solved by using these smart plugs. They extend the power outlets you already have by allowing you to control it from a distance. That means you can control whatever you stick into the outlet anytime you want with your phone. You can even use voice control via Siri or Alexa. Depending on the item you buy, you can set a schedule based on the time, temperature, or humidity. The app on your phone may also show the power usage for better control. To maximize the compatibility, get the plugs which are compatible with your existing gadgets.

2. Pet cameras

Regular cameras can show you what your pet is up to, but the dedicated pet cameras take it one step further. Despite looking like a water dispenser, they can offer a high-definition video camera combined with a treat dispenser, audio support, alarm system, night vision, and motion/sound detector. Imagine playing with your dog through the screen, tossing him a treat when he does something good, and detecting if something happens to him when you two are miles apart; all this is possible just from the screen of your smartphone. It sounds like a wonderful tool for the pet owners, even when they are not planning to get the other smart home gadgets.

3. Robot lawnmower

Dear gardeners, the scientists know how tedious mowing the lawn is, so here comes your hero: the automated lawnmower (some call it “automower”). These small cars can be programmed via your smartphones to move around your garden through the terrain and cut the grass to the same length. If you are planning to get one, pay attention to their blades, battery power, and wheels. Those with a huge garden may prefer something that can last longer to cover the whole area, but you may want to get the sturdy one if your garden is structurally challenging.

4. Smart refrigerators

Some of these cool (pun intended) refrigerators are already on sale in stores although companies like Samsung and LG are actively improving on what they already have. Rumor has it that you can check the contents of your refrigerator when you’re out shopping to make sure you don’t miss a thing for dinner. Say goodbye to the shopping lists! It doesn’t undermine their current features, though. The smart refrigerators typically have a touchscreen to support recipes or play some music while you’re cooking. They also have voice assistants like Alexa integrated which helps you to set timers or convert the measurements.

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