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The Illusion of Time

What is time? What is the past, the present, or the future? We can’t hold back time and we can’t bring it back either. We can remember the things we have done in the past and we can set a schedule for the things we will do in the future. In the present, we are doing the things we want to correct from the past or trying new things for future purposes. One thing is for certain, though – time is an illusion. How is that so? Let’s find out.

Before we delve into knowing what time is, let us try to see it how physicists see time. Let us begin by understanding the dimensions of the universe. 1D is just a straight line. We draw a line upwards, sideways, or diagonally. This is basically one dimension in space.

2D, or two dimensions, is what we consider shapes or in maths, we call them planes. We now consider not only the length, but also the width.

Three dimensions, or more commonly known as 3D, has the length, the width, and the height. When we are viewing a movie in a theater in a normal way, then we are seeing the images in 2D because the screen has the height and the length. However, when we watch a 3D movie then the width is added and that is the feeling that the images are coming out from the screen.

Now comes the 4D. The fourth dimension is “time.” We are living in a 3D space and time is needed for us to do what we are doing. Without time, we can’t do anything. Even in death, time is needed for matters to decay. We can see length, width, and height in the physical world, but not time. Time is like a line in the space. We know it is there even though we can’t see it. Therefore, it is an illusion.

There is a theory out there that time is only present and there is no past or future. The person who thought about this said that the past is gone and that we are doing what we want to change from the past in the present. And the thing we plan for, the future, is what we are doing in the present.

Here is another theory about time that the author of this article thought about, but has no proof about it yet. In time, we only have the past and the future, and that there is no present. What we have done in the past is recorded in our minds or kept records in different forms, like videos or books. What we plan for the future is also set in our minds for us to do when that time comes. However, the present is something that we can’t hold onto. For example, you are reading this article and we call that present. In reality, every word you have read here is already in the past and the words you haven’t read yet are still to be read in the future. The moment you disagree with this, the principle is already an action you have done in the past. We can argue that the action is continuing so it can be considered present. The continuity of the action is both past and the future because we disagreed in the past and continue disagreeing in the future.

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