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The Drone Identity

Drones are becoming a common thing for everybody. We use them for so many purposes and occasions. Tourists can get an overview of the places they are visiting. Videographers can capture the moments of a wedding or birthday celebration from a bird’s eye view. Engineers can check the outline of the site where they will construct a building. There is an experimental use for drones to carry police officers so that law enforcers won’t be stuck in traffic when they need to apprehend someone. Lastly, and shall I say destructively, drones can become a weapon of mass destruction.

We don’t need to be afraid of drones flying above our homes as long as there are laws to protect us from bad people using drones to violate our freedom. The problem right now is that drones are becoming a norm and that one day someone might use it in a bad way.

The military has been using drones for surveillance. They also use it for quick responses when they see a threat from the surveillance they gathered. The drones have saved lives (or have taken lives, depending on what side we are on). The usefulness of these drones, both flying and roving, is limitless in the military.

In the field of science, drones have gone ahead of us to reach places where we can’t yet reach. The deep sea voyages were first done with submersible drones. The first thing that stepped on Mars from Earth was a drone. Our satellites are actually drones that revolve around the Earth and bring back data to receiving stations located in different places on the planet.

Archeology has recently used drones to go to narrow passages where a human cannot fit in. These drones can check the chemical setup of a space in an archeological dig before a human goes in to protect them from inhaling or coming in contact with dangerous substances. There are also specialized drones to scan an area with forests or jungles and reveal the outline of the forest floor. This will help the archeologists to pinpoint exactly where to dig and, thus, saves them time from their previous trial-and-error digs.

In the future, drones can be used for food deliveries, mail deliveries, emergency response units to bring the needed medicine or equipment ahead of the paramedics, quick fire-extinguishers, or other uses that we haven’t yet conceived.

Sadly, hover drones that help us in different ways can also become our enemies. Special investigators can do surveillance on us through a drone. Every movement we take can be observed with a hover drone above our heads and we might never know that someone is watching us. This can be applied to catching criminals but also to law-abiding citizens. The line is still blurry because there are different laws regarding the operation of drones in different countries. There is a department in the FAA that monitors hover drones. Let us hope they will have more power to enforce laws and regulations regarding hover drones that can be applied to all countries.

The sky is the limit for the uses of drones. We are just beginning to see the diverse applications of drones. Someday, we even might be using them as our transportation.

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