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#Technology And #Arts #Challenging Themselves

There is a difference between using technology for technical purposes and using that same technology for the purpose of creating art. Making robots for instance is, by the end, a finite process. There is only so much you can add to a robot to function in the ways the creator intends. Artwork, on the other hand, is limited only by the imagination of the artist. There is very little imagination needed in order to create a robot. Only technical formulas and abilities that have already proven effective and absolute are necessary.

This is why the marriage of high tech and art is taking off as much as it is. The artists can explore new ways of creating and the technical gurus are challenged with improving their technology to meet the unlimited imagination of the artists using it. This is a very exciting time for both parties involved because they are very much breaking new ground here. The artists suddenly have a new outlet for their creativity, and the ones providing that outlet are challenged with making improvements and adjustments as the needs arise.

There are periodic fairs and gallery-type showings that showcase the talents of people on both sides that bring everyone together in one setting. A meeting of the minds, if you will, that is conducive to the making of new ideas. These are much more than just pat-on-the-back sessions. These showcases highlight where this marriage of art and technology are going. It keeps everyone on their toes in that they constantly want to grow, creating new art and inventing new ways of making it.

There are also trade schools and specialty “learning centers” that teach not only art classes with technology in mind, but tech schools that teach what they do with art in mind. These are not your typical schools, though. Many of them are residencies that offer a collaborative environment between artists and tech gurus in order to take both factions to the next level. For instance, people that are able to make “miniature” satellites that take pictures from orbit, then have artists expand on those pictures to make a social point through art.

This truly is taking both to the next level. This is progressing both fields of endeavor and it is being done with state-of-the-art technology. Imagine taking birds-eye-view, as well as with more inventive angles, pictures with state-of-the-art drones and satellites for the purpose of having an artist render that picture with water jets, 3D printers, and other media for the purpose of making art that has a social purpose. Treating the planet and animals better, for instance, is one such purpose that tech-driven art has and that both the tech world and art world are teaching themselves more about in terms of getting those messages across to the general public.

People imagine what would happen if the best scientists and theologians in the world formed a think-tank. You can get an idea of how things would change there by watching and participating in the current marriage of technology and art.

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