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Simplifying the Laws of Physics

Most people have no interest in learning or knowing something about physics because the word itself is like a skunk. We don’t want to know or learn about it because we might end up with nothing but problems. We tend to think of it as a very hard principle to understand; so hard that we shouldn’t waste our time understanding it.

Understanding the laws of physics is actually not that difficult. The reason we need to understand it is because without these laws then the natural world, even the universe, wouldn’t be the same as we know it. These laws hold us, protect us, and even give us life. How is that even possible? That is what we are going to study.

The law of gravity is the most popular law of physics yet it is one of the hardest laws to explain. Sometimes the best way to understand a principle is through its effect. The gravity of the Earth holds us firmly so that we don’t float in space. The sun’s gravity is holding the Earth and the other planets in their respective orbits. Our solar system has its own place in our galaxy which is held by the power of the black hole in the middle of our galaxy. To understand this, try imagining a large bucket of water with ping-pong balls. Create a whirlpool with the hand or a mixing tool and the balls will go around with the flow. If the whirlpool is too fast, then some of the balls might go out of the bucket. The gravity in the universe is just enough to hold everything in it in place.

The law of motion is divided into three laws. We will try to understand just one and, in doing so, this may help us comprehend the rest. The law that we will simplify is the law that states: “To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” We understand this law in different ways. This law has protected us in ways we don’t think about. The energy we use to inhale is the same energy we release when we exhale. We don’t notice the pressure in our surroundings because we are so used to it. This pressure helps us to breathe easily. We push out the pressure around our chest when we inhale. The pressure outside our lungs helps to push out the air when we exhale. This law affords us the protection of breathing easily.
The last law, but also an equally important one,that will be discussed here is the law of conservation of energy. This law states that “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can be transformed from one form to another.” The life that we have is a complicated yet beautiful dance of different energies working inside our bodies. The foods we eat from plants are turned into energies that we use to move our body. Our waste products will become food for these plants thus the cycle of energy will not stop.

There are many more laws of physics that we might not understand or haven’t discovered yet. Understanding them in a simple way will help us to appreciate these forces of nature that are holding us, protecting us, and continuing to give us life.

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