Motion Controller


5G promises to be a key enabler for Factories of the Future. We anticipate IoT powered by 5G to unlock a next level of efficiency gains in manufacturing. The fourth industrial revolution has already started and is fuelled by cyber-physical-systems (CPS) to realise highly efficient, connected Factories-of-the-Future. We can foresee 5G driving robotic surgery by specialist surgeons remotely. We also predict robots doing many house chores safely around us and acknowledged as essential household members. Ioteach continue to advance its motion control offerings to meet the standards of clients.



Motion Control

Axis motion control via trusted apps.

Industrial process control continues to become more automated and robot motion begins to find its applications in performing house chores. Applications demand greater flexibility, accuracy and speed. And Ioteach continues to invest n the development of finest motion control systems and solutions to meet pressing requirements, whatever the industry or the application. We strive to provide the necessary scalable solutions, innovative systems, integrated motion controllers. We deploy off the shelf drives and motors from leading manufacturers and supplement hardware with our motion control API to deliver the most challenging motion control projects. We aim to design our solutions into Cyber Physical Systems especially for our clients in production and manufacturing industries. Such systems are IoT devices sitting next to each other, being aware of each other’s presence. Computer-controlled robotics, undoubtedly, play an ever-increasing role in factory automation, scientific, medical and safety fields.

Further Information on our Motion Control Applications:

You can choose system deployment as desktop, laptop or industrial control panel installation for all environmental and climatic conditions. Following are amongst the major system features:

  • Robot control from industrial robots, medical robots to house chores robots.
  • Advanced multi-axis motion control via servo control systems.
  • Stepper control to achieve precise and small movement of the axis.
  • AC and DC control for production and manufacturing industries.
  • PID controls for analogue based control applications e.g hydraulically driven load rams.
  • Implement machine vision, sensors measurements and motion control on a single electronic controller.
  • Design custom motion profiles and torque/velocity/position control loops.
  • Custom development of Motor control drives  for automotive and aerospace applications.

Order Motion Controllers

You are entitled to receive full design and engineering consultation service using our Consultation Package. Proceed and click Add to Basket to make swift payment online. We would follow up with Requirement Questionnaire that we send to email address registered with us. Our engineers review your submitted response and then call you or email back with full design architecture including all components-hardware and software. You also receive estimated quotation for Motion Controller to meet your objectives.  We are available via email and phone so please do not hesitate to contact us should assistance is required with your order. We look forward to working with you.

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