Machine Vision System


In order to meet the requirements of today's cyber physical systems, Ioteach have developed machine Vision technology that could be installed to perform inspection, verification, object classification tasks. Our system is equipped with hundreds of image analysis functions that could be activated to enhance machine vision capabilities.


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Machine Vision

Significance of Vision

Sense of sight is indeed one of the most reliable sources of our judgement. Our eyesight provides a lot of information that we absorb during daylight hours, and it is no wonder, as nearly three quarters of the sensory receptor cells in us are residing in the back of our eyes – at the retinas! Many of the decisions we make daily are based on what we can see, and how we in turn interpret vision data.

Vision in Machine Inspection

Today we have entered the era of Cyber Physical Systems, where multiple IoT devices sit next to each other, being aware of each other’s presence. Computer-controlled robotics play an ever-increasing role in factory automation, scientific, medical and safety fields. Surely one of the most quintessential and intuitive advancements we can exploit is the ability to acquire, process and make decisions based on image and video data.

Machine Vision

Iotrace as Machine Vision

IoTeach is delighted to make a contribution for our clients, who have acknowledged the need for machine vision through one of our featured products. At basic level, IoTraceTM is a complete set of hardware and software components that we establish once we have discussed our client’s vision requirements. We could provide a vision solution from simple image acquisition via camera over USB to multiple cameras with fast image processing in real time on an FPGA controller.

Iotrace Vision Capabilities

You can analyse images with hundreds of image analysis functions. For instance,

  • Connections directly to single or three phase power supply or via sensor’s output from from
  • Bar Code reader
  • Image Mathematics- Arithmetic and Logic Operations
  • Image Partition and Segmentation into parts
  • Classification of objects by finding foreign particles.
  • Edge Detection
  • Inspection of Colour in image
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Image Frequency Analysis and Filters
  • Patter Recognition
  • Spatial Calibration
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