GPS Development System


With advancement in RF and signal conditioning technology, today GPS receivers are capable of providing positions accurate to within a centimetre! These receivers have revolutionsed lots of industries, where highly accurate positioning is used for so many different tasks. Aviation, Marine, Farming, Surveying to name but few. Imagination is only limitation to the possibilities of Global Positioning System GPS.


GPS Development

Increase awareness with GPS

GPS technology has diverse applications. It continues to benefit us from navigation by recreational boaters to locating people in need of assistance. These days people from many walks of life-hikers and bikers, sailers and fishermen, soldiers and pilots – are using GPS systems in ways that make their job easier, safer and productive.

Further Information on our GPS Development System:

You can choose system deployment as desktop, laptop or industrial control panel installation for all environmental and climatic conditions. Following are amongst the major system features:

  • Develop algorithm and obtain reliable GPS position/speed data.
    Introduce impairment to simulate bad conditions e.g poor satellite communication and test your device response.
    Test and ensure your GPS receiver is ready for data from multiple satellites and performing demodulation and calculations as expected.
    Is your device ready to tackle doppler shift at satellite orbital velocity? Test your device at your desk without performing a drive test!
    Would your device report accurate readings if one of the satellite stop responding!. You can now tackle ephemeris errors?. We can simulate such conditions so your GPS device is trusted for its performance.
    Support for both GPS and GLONASS data

Order GPS Development Kit

You are entitled to receive full design and engineering consultation service using our Consultation Package. Proceed and click Add to Basket to make swift payment online. We would follow up with Requirement Questionnaire that we send to email address registered with us. Our engineers review your submitted response and then call you or email back with full design architecture including all components-hardware and software. You also receive estimated quotation for GPS Development System to meet your objectives.  We are available via email and phone so please do not hesitate to contact us should assistance is required with your order. We look forward to working with you

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