Electrical Power Analyser


Electrical Power Analyser could be used for single or three phase power measurement, power quality analysis or voltage unbalances, disturbances and flickers. Accordingly, it is well in use in power and electricity research and development. Typical applications range from the Energy Management System to the design and research for innovative Smart Grids.


Electrical Power Analyser

Measure, Analyse and record Electrical Power.

You can use Electrical Power Analyser for single or three phase power measurement in the UK and US. It is also suitable for measurement and analysis for electricity networks. Power Quality is a measure of how well a system supports reliable operation of its loads. A power disturbance or event can involve voltage, current, or frequency. Power disturbances can originate in consumer power systems, consumer loads, or the utility. Our clients benefit from collecting data for energy management systems and for continuous monitoring of voltage quality in accordance with DIN EN50160. Flexible and configurable systems parameters such as sampling rate and measurement resolution further assist with the requirements for the analysis of power quality phenomena.

Further Information on our Electrical Power Analyser:

You can choose system deployment as desktop, laptop or industrial control panel installation for all environmental and climatic conditions. Following are amongst the major system features:

  • Connections directly to single or three phase power supply or via sensor’s output from from your current installation.
  • Voltage unbalance, interruption and harmonics measurement
  • Flicker and Rapid transient measurements.
  • Synchrophasor measurement.
  • Up to 20 MHz sampling rate to capture disturbances
  • Analysis data available in COMTRADE format- a standard for power quality analysis.
  • Compatibility with global guidelines e.g IEC 61000 EMC, IEEE Std  C37 for power systems measurement and NEMA Motor and Generators standards.
  • In compliance with electricity distribution guidelines e.g EN 50160:2007, Voltage Characteristics of Electricity Supplied by Public Distribution Networks.

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Download PDF data sheet for Electrical Power Analyser

Electrical Power Analyser – Datasheet.pdf

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