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It is estimated 780 million devices powered with bluetooth connectivity are likely to be shipped in 2018. Get your product on the list and achieve global interoperability. Bluetooth wireless connectivity is easy to implement and can help you achieve mass market adoption. Backed by a proven record of market creation, technology innovation and global leadership, Bluetooth sets the standard for wireless connectivity.​ We could accelerate you integrate bluetooth successfully into your product!

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WIFI Device Connectivity

Harness the power of Simulation for your Bluetooth Device.

Today we find Bluetooth embedded into a great variety of consumer products, like headsets, video game controllers, or (even) livestock trackers and medical devices. As we transition from 4G to 5G and achieve much higher data rates through rapidly advancing digital communications, we anticipate to find more devices connected to internet and seamlessly communicate with each other. Bluetooth, Zigbee and WiFi continue to play a big role in future’s wireless revolution. Such connectivity is easy to implement and can help you achieve mass market adoption and be part of iot revolution.

Further Information on Bluetooth development package:

You can choose system deployment as desktop, laptop or industrial control panel installation for all environmental and climatic conditions. Following are amongst the major system features:

  • Generate and Analyse bluetooth data – LE /5.0 LE, 2.x + EDR and so on.
  • Simulate bluetooth signals. Introduce desired impairments to replicate good/bad communication conditions and test performance of your device.
  • Compliant with Bluetooth standards of BLE. For instance, LE packet and LE long range.
  • Perform further research on bluetooth and iot signals e.g modulation and spectral analysis, Mean Block RMS measurements, and many other demodulation and signal analysis techniques. Full list is available upon request.

Order Bluetooth Development Package

You are entitled to receive full design and engineering consultation service using our Consultation Package. Proceed and click Add to Cart to make swift payment online. We would follow up with Requirement Questionnaire that we send to email address registered with us. Our engineers review your submitted response and then call you or email back with full design architecture including all components-hardware and software. You also receive estimated quotation for Bluetooth Development Package to meet your objectives.  We are available via email and phone so please do not hesitate to contact us should assistance is required with your order. We look forward to working with you

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