5G Systems Development Kit


5G promises a step-change in mobile connectivity with enormous potential to boost productivity and grow the economy. We are creating ways to to accelerate the deployment of 5G. Through Software Defined Radio approach, we envisage engineers and students would develop new communication systems faster and be able to implement many physical layer prototypes. Accordingly, our solutions assist researchers develop advanced techniques e.g FBMC, GFDM an UFMC. Such flexibility is essential as 5G is yet to get matured and fully developed.

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5G, RF, Wifi communication technologies development

Accelerate your 5G communication systems development

5g and future communication systems is likely to introduce potentially revolutionary technologies such as automated cars and advanced manufacturing, as well as enabling the many thousands of connected devices, such as smart energy meters, that we anticipate would enter our everyday world as part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Ioteach integrates hardware and software to help scientists and engineers rapidly prototype high-performance wireless systems. We aim to work with you to deliver solutions that advance wireless research.

The benefits of 5G are many and varied. For instance:

  • Predictive maintenance that could potentially reduce running costs for machinery. Ioteach have developed technology Iotab that is complemented with augment technology to further ease industries to incorporate predictive maintenance in production and manufacturing machineries.
  • smart cities: urban environments could benefit through applications like smart grids, waste management, traffic management, streetlight control.
  • agriculture industry: farming could benefit from efficient automated connected machines.

Other possibilities could include monitoring health conditions, predicting if someone is likely to suffer a heart attack, or monitoring ill health in elderly people, helping to reduce pressures on primary care and A&E. In education, 5G complemented with virtual reality could improved ways of teaching students by making interactive lessons. The possibilities are only limited by our imagination.


Further Information on our 5G System Development Kit:

You can choose system deployment as desktop, laptop or industrial control panel installation for all environmental and climatic conditions. Following are amongst the major system features:

  • We provide support for a wide range of modulation bandwidths, from several megahertz to a few gigahertz.
  • Our system provides flexibility for a wide range of frequency bands, from RF to microwave to millimeter-wave
  • Support for high-order spatial multiplexing techniques such as MIMO.
  • Prototype for filter bank multi-carrier (FBMC), generalised frequency- division multiplexing (GFDM), universal filtered multi-carrier (UFMC), filtered orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (F-OFDM), and many more.
  • Rapid Prototyping based on Software Defined radio and support for high-level algorithm design with easy path to hardware.

Order 5G system Development Kit

You are entitled to receive full design and engineering consultation service using our Consultation Package. Proceed and click Add to Basket to make swift payment online. We would follow up with Requirement Questionnaire that we send to email address registered with us. Our engineers review your submitted response and then call you or email back with full design architecture including all components-hardware and software. You also receive estimated quotation for ‘5G System Development Kit’ to meet your objectives.  We are available via email and phone so please do not hesitate to contact us should assistance is required with your order. We look forward to working with you

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