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Science Toys and Kits to engage young learners

As parents and educators, we all know how very important it is for our children and students to have a firm grasp of science and scientific concepts. One of the best ways to teach scientific concepts and foster a love of learning more about something is by using hands-on activities. There are so many amazing scientific kits, projects, and experiments that you can find easily now that will do just that.

It doesn’t matter what ages of children you are talking about, there are hands-on projects and kits that are designed for every age and ability level. You get to choose just how deeply you want to dive into a particular concept and then find a project that matches up to it.

Hot Wires Electronic Kit

Do you have a child who is interested in electronics and learning how to build their own gadgets? Then check out the Hot Wires Electronic kit. This kit comes with a full colour 54-page guide to help your child complete over 100 different experiments. The components snap together making it easy for your child to figure out what goes where and all components are properly marked so that they are learning how everything really works.

Your child can build a voice recorder, a burglar alarm for your room, a flying disc, an FM radio, and even a lie detector test. With more than 100 different experiments, your child is guaranteed to have a blast learning through play with this Hot Wires Electronic kit and everything that you need, including 4 AA batteries, comes with it. You can find it here for £45.99.

Elenco Talking Galaxy Planetarium

Do you have a child who is really intrigued by astronomy and the stars above us and who is just itching to learn more? The Elenco Talking Galaxy Planetarium may be the perfect toy for him or her. This interactive planetarium allows your child to learn more about the stars and constellations. The voice narration features will explain interesting facts about each one to your child.

The planetarium also comes with an educational pointer and a CyberSky software CD. This planetarium is perfect for both home or classroom use. If you are using it at home, you can turn off the voice narration feature and use it as a nightlight as the stars are projected on the ceiling. You find your own planetarium here for just £ 46.46.

Galt Toys Body Lab, Biology Science Kit

Do you have a younger student who is fascinated by how the human body works? If so, then the Galt Toys Body Lab, Biology Science Kit may be just the science kit for you. This kit comes with a stethoscope so that you can listen to a heartbeat, magnifying glass, Petri dishes, ink pad, tape measure, syringes, and more.

The kit also includes stickers and posters for different body systems. There is a 32-page lab book that you can use while conducting the 14 different included experiments. This kit is best suited for students between 6 and 8 years of age. You can find the kit here for about £13.00.

Haynes V8 Model Combustion Engine

Do you have a child who loves all things automobile and really wants to learn how engines work? If so, you should definitely check out the Haynes V8 Model Combustion Engine. This kit will allow your child to build a fully functioning motorized V8 style petrol engine.

There are sounds recorded from a genuine V8 engine, and spark plugs that light up. This kit includes over 250 parts, so it is not ideal for younger children; the manufacturer recommends this product for those who are ages 10 and up. This model also comes with a Haynes manual that provides step-by-step directions for assembly as well as additional educational information on the Haynes V8 engine.

You will need 3 AA batteries that are not included, but everything else you need to build your own Hayes V8 model combustion engine is included in the box. You can find this amazing kit here for just £44.99.

Science4You The Science of Perfumes kit

Do you have a young lady in your life who would love to make her own personal scent combinations for herself and her friends? If so, this Science4You Perfume Science kit may be just perfect for her. This kit includes 7 different experiments and a 32-page guide with instructions and details on the science behind perfumes.

This kit allows the young lady in your life to make their own bath salts, scented oils, and perfumes. The kit includes measuring cups, straws, gloves, blue and pink colouring, sea salt, test tubes, glycerin, spatulas, and vanilla and apple cinnamon fragrances. You can find this lovely kit here for just £28.99.

Elmer’s Glue Slime Starter Kit

What child would not have a blast making their own colourful ooey gooey slime? With the Elmer’s Glue Slime Starter kit you can make your own sparkly colourful slime. The kit includes clear Elmer’s glue, slime activator, and glitter glue pens to customise your slime into whatever color you like.

The Elmer’s slime kit is not intended for children under 3 years of age. It is, however, completely washable so you don’t have to worry about stained clothing or table tops. You can find your very own Elmer’s slime kit here for £15.75.

The items listed here are but a few of the wonderful science and learning items that you can find to encourage your children and students to explore science on a level that they can understand. All of the items listed above are interactive and designed to get kids to ask questions about what they are learning about and encourage them to continue to learn more.

Hands-on activities have been proven to stick in engaged young minds a lot better than just reading a textbook or listening to a lecture. Encouraging our kids to love science and learning is so important to all of our futures as they will be the scientists and creators of tomorrow.

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