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Ranks list and points requirement

Top Star 9,501 - 12,000

Rock Star 8,501 - 9,500

Rising Star 7,501 - 8,500

Producer 6,501 - 7,500

Singer 5,501 - 6,500

Radio Star 4,501 - 5,500

Viral Sensation 3,601 - 4,500

Local Talent 3,001 - 3,600

Roadie 2,101 - 3,000

Concert Goer 1,501 - 2,100

Gig Goer 901 - 1,500

Music Lover 451 - 900

Regular 301 - 450

Casual Listener 151 - 300

Newbie 0 - 150

Points Reward

Points are awarded based on activity on Ioteach website and Thames community. For instance, posting comments or blogging, buying in shop, reviewing products, visiting contents. More you browse and interact, better you get rewarded.

Ranking Up

As you rank up, you get more privileges in Thames Community and Ioteach business. You would very soon rank up to Author status which gives you entitlement to write your own content. As a Vendor, you would be able to list your products in our online Shop.


There are various other benefits that become available as your points go up. Points could be converted into coupons and cash. You also get to choose how you wish to redeem your points. We have several gadget available to reward our members for their contribution. For instance, smart wrist band, VR glasses, home robots, even work experience at Ioteach.

Please feel free to enquire further. We love to have you as our valuable member.

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