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Practical Uses For Drones


Personal and commercial drone sales have been seeing a steady increase for at least the past five years. This is a growing industry and for good reason. The military and hobbyists have been the main consumers of this product for a long time. The middle of the road, however, the more practical uses that people and businesses can implement, are the real reasons for the continuing surge in popularity. We all know about Amazon and their implementation of the technology, but there are a great number of other practical uses for drones

  • Monitoring Traffic Conditions

The days of helicopters with a pilot and reporter on board may be in their golden years. With a GPS enabling system and high resolution camera that can stream live videos back to the station, traffic reports can be just as accurate and less costly.

  • Monitoring Road Conditions

The maintenance of roads that people travel on is just as important as how people are driving. Drones can be used for monitoring the conditions of roads and to verify complaints lodged by drivers in regards to potholes or other hazards that come with the age and deterioration of asphalt.

  • Real Estate Advertising

Most of us have seen the 360 degree tours that agents make with camera equipment inside of a house. With the current drone technology we have, this can also be done on the outside. An aerial view to capture the condition of a roof, or a wider 360 degree tour of the outside conditions of the house as well as yard. These can all be great tools for real estate agents to sell a house.

  • Disaster Relief Shipments

There are times when a natural disaster is so bad it makes the logistics impossible to get aid to the survivors of a natural disaster. The portable and unmanned characteristics of a drone can be a real life-saver in these conditions. Food, water, and other basic necessities can be air-dropped much easier and quicker with an unmanned drone with GPS technology

  • Search And Rescue with Thermal Imaging

Another rugged application for drones is in the field of search and rescue. In rugged mountainous terrain, drones could possibly pick up the heat of a person stuck or injured on a mountain face where humans would have a hard time getting to. Service areas can be spotty or non-existent out in the wild, so getting a ping on a cell phone might be impossible at times.

These are just a few good examples out of many more where drones have practical uses for agencies and companies that rely on visuals in order to do their jobs effectively. This is a technology that has yet to hit its peak and the designers and technicians making these drones are still fine-tuning the functionality to meet and exceed the new ideas that people are coming up with.

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