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Robots as pets and home chores companion

Robots for Home Chores

There is something therapeutic about handing over the responsibilities to a machine instead of another human. Robots have no feelings, no demands, no agency over their actions — they’re simply perfect vessels of servitude.

I used to be a skeptic if robots are ever going to avoid collisions and identify objects. However, the recent advancements in AI and machine learning could be employed to assist robots with making wiser decisions.

Robots could be  packed with cameras and a 3d LiDAR scanning and  navigation system. We could then achieve a sense of depth perception, which in turn could help robot estimate distance and avoid impact with objects. In addition to this, robot ‘vision’ could be further sharpened by ‘deep learning’ techniques which involves training it on thousands of images so it can navigate away from unnecessary collisions.

Empowered with the above technologies, Robots could soon be trusted with household chores such as mopping, cleaning and even providing a safer companionship.

Pet Robots

Are robots going to be our future overlords? Robots are certainly making their way into practically every facet of modern life. Slowly but steadily, robots modelled after the animal kingdom are replacing machines that now mimic the look and feel of our companion pets.

Robotic innovations are producing pets with the likes of a robotic dog that won’t poop, chew on your shoes, or make a mess of the house. There’s also Tombot, which is designed to act as a companion for the elderly. In fact, there’s an entire range of companion animals you can now choose from — from dogs to cats to seals.

There are also robots that are animatronic re-creations of real animals. These are used in movies, TV shows, theme parks, and even as research tools in the wild. Scientists have been able to use robot gorillas, dogs, and tortoises to study animals in their own environment and get close-up footage of animals in the wild.

Robotics Pets Helping seniors avoid loneliness

The US is now in its eighth month of the fight against coronavirus, with over 5 million cases reported and more than 163,000 deaths. With visits to nursing homes still restricted in several states, some agencies for the elderly are implementing creative ways to fight the loneliness resulting from a lack of social contact.

“Pretty,” was the word an Alabama senior used to describe the lifelike robotic companion pet she received from a new pilot project administered by the Alabama Department of Senior Services. It was the first word she had said in a long time, according to department Commissioner Jean Brown.

Ioteach commitment to innovate Home Robots

Our unique embedded sensors technology assist with remote independent control of robots. The integrated solutions that we offer works well to control robot operations via mobile apps. We use advanced 3d laser scanning software solution from easybodge for object detection. At the start of the operation, the robot could be ‘taught’ to scan the house so it identifies the parameters. After that, it could be regularly synched with machine learning data to automatically identify surrounding objects. Whilst in operation, our technology assist the robots with making decisions without being connected with the cloud. Accordingly, we have a great solution to prevent your home images from being circulated around the web to utilise remote AI servers.

For more information, please feel free to get in touch.

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