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Covid-19 Lockdown impact

Days when traveling to school was necessary for education seems gone. Covid-19 has completely changed the way we had thought about life outside homes. Mask is almost essential in public places. Gatherings of large masses is prohibited. The virus is still with us and we are gradually adapting to it. How is it going to effect the necessary upbringing and education of current generation going to schools? Is remote schooling going to be possible? Does the technology exist to assist remote schooling especially mathematics which had to date been thought of a subject that requires careful one to one focused-tuition!

Smart phones and apps for schooling

Almost every one at and above fifth grade owns a smart-phone. Students are very good with digital interaction and quite a few spends significant time on apps and smart-phones, be it for social media or 3d games. Technology and infrastructure is also readily available. Base stations, satellites and now MIMO smart antennas are progressively being implemented for long-time remote online video interactions for schooling as well as business meeting purposes. The launch of Zoom and Microsoft Team and improvement in video-conferencing technologies made it seamlessly adaptive for many business sectors even during the complete lockdown periods. Business meetings has suffered trivial losses due to these technologies. Application of Zoom and Microsoft team is wide and diverse from meeting family members in distant deserted locations to online tutoring of many group of students.

Teaching Mathematics online for schools

Schools across the globes have adopted Zoom and related apps to deliver educational lessons. Students could log in at the scheduled time using their smart phones. Teachers deliver explanation prior to assignments. Apps are helping teachers engage better with students. It is much easier to monitor who lost interest or not concentrating using online educational technologies. For instance, students could be presented with timed multiple choice questions whilst teacher is delivering explanations. This could be an excellent technique to keep students alert and engaged. Teacher would find at the end of the lesson who has fully understood the contents by seeing the MCQs score on students screens. Teachers could then make arrangements to provide extra attention or tuition to individual students.

There are various other methods currently being employed to teach mathematics online to group of students. Lessons are being arranged at scheduled times. Students have to be present in front of the computer to log in and attend online classes. Teachers publish assignment online for all students to complete and compete with each other. Winners are given online points and ranks based on their scores in assignment.

Ioteach innovative Ed-Tech Platform

Since covid-19 outbreak, Ioteach has been continuously working hard to innovate its Ed-Tech platform. Our unique platform allows students to understand complex but essential STEM subjects without attending laboratories. Our platform uses simulation-on-web technology to replicate laboratory experiments. If you would like to become part of the community to get access to our Ed-Tech platform, then get in touch. We would set it all up for you to learn remotely at the comfort of your home.



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