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Labview Development Skills

We are pleased to have on board engineering team qualified to Certified LabVIEW Architect status which is the highest-level qualification with National Instruments platform and LabVIEW programming language.

The Certified LabVIEW Architect is the final step in the three-part LabVIEW certification process. The exam for this step presents a set of high-level requirements and tests the user’s ability to build a sensible VI hierarchy and project plan for delivering an application that fulfils those requirements. This certification could be used to assess and validate an individual’s LabVIEW development and project management skills for project staffing or career advancement. For example, having Certified Architects on staff to provide technical leadership and guidance ensures that less experienced developers are following best practices that will make them more competent and efficient developers. In addition, Certified Architects can design the application architecture and manage the development of the individual components by other engineers.
LabVIEW is a graphical programming language shipped with various debugging tools; it is ideal for rapidly putting together a control and measurement system. The LabVIEW base package is shipped with a variety of ready-to-use subroutines for signal analysis, processing and control systems development. Powered with Control Design and Simulation Module, it provides analysis of open-loop model behaviour, design of closed-loop controllers, simulation of online/offline systems and conduct physical implementation. LabVIEW also provides built-in tools to convert models developed in ‘The Math Works, Inc, Simulink’ software to work with LabVIEW. As well as built-in subroutines, various extension modules are readily available: NI multisim increases LabVIEW’s productivity to include the designing, prototyping and testing of printed circuit board PCB designs.

Further information on our achievement with NI platform and code sample is available upon request…

Labview Development Environment

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