IotubTM is our series of bespoke electronic enclosure to meet the requirements of today’s entrepreneurs with interests in electronics design. Iotub is ideal solutions designed to assist young minds continue focus their efforts on the design and innovation of electronic circuitry whilst we take care to tackle powering/charging and housing requirement for circuits and electronic components. Iotub series of enclosures are equipped with rechargeable batteries that are reconfigurable to meet power requirements for electronic designs. Iotub enclosures are available for custom circuitries, Raspberry PI, Arduino, System On Chip SOC, Computer On Module COM or any other electronic cards with any dimensions.

Iotub electronic enclosures are designed to meet all applicable standards and various test methods are applied based on requirements. Iotub could be made to meet the requirements IP66 of IEC 529 and NEMA 1, 2, 4, and 4X specifications and withstand tough industrial environments.

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