IoTester is our featured data acquisition software app to acquire, log, analyse and report test and measurement data. IoTester is a reliable, tested and recommended solution to test your product whether it is a piece of furniture or a mission-critical servo-actuator for Eurofighter Typhoon. Following are amongst the few characteristics of IoTester:

  • Available as portable pc, desktop or ruggedized industrial panel pc.
  • High Frequency Sampling and Logging Rates up to 3MHz
  • Multichannel Count and easily reconfigurable to extend logging capacity up to unlimited number of channels.
  • Signal Type: +/-10V, +/-5V,4-20mA – Option to choose from differential or single-ended.
  • Connectivity terminal block for sensor cables termination.
  • Available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux deployment.
  • Real-time stamped data
  • Sensor data representation as graphical charts, digital displays or gauges.
  • Configuration Mode to reconfigure channel calibration data such as zero offset, raw signal values, full scale engineering values. All calibration data could be reused by saving configuration file in system hard drive.
  • Tracking of sensor calibration is also possible and the system could be configured to create an alarm when the calibration due date is passed.
  • Live plotting of sensor measurement against time-stamp. System could be configured to display up to four Y-scales with separate plot colours and scale colours.
  • Ability to Log and replay test files.
  • Ability to add cursors, scroll cursors, zoom in/out and automatic update of signal minimum, maximum, average values between cursors.
  • Log File Management mode to automatically sort log files based on the day file was created. Search by name facility which filters log files that match name from system hard drive is also available.
  • Two channels measurement could be displayed against each other on XY Graph.
  • Optional- we also supply function generator to produce sine, cosine, triangular waves as analogue outputs.
  • System could be accessed remotely when ‘Remote Access’ is switched on in Support Mode.
  • All systems errors are handled in dedicated error handling thread and operator could access Error Management Mode to study diagnostics.

Further information is available on request…

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