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Human body and system

Homosapiens to celts, Saxons to Vikings

Reportedly for well over 30,000 years human has existed, travelled, explored new lands and adopted to new climates. human originated from modern Egypt and Africa. Then human, called homosapiens/neanderthals evolved into Celts for those who wandered into the Islands of Britain and France. Those who stayed in regions more exposed to Sunlight and warmer climates produced darker complexions whilst those of our ancestors who moved colder regions acquired fairer complexions.

Civilisation, Romanticism and Industrialisation

Over centuries of developments, civilisations , we became to be amongst the finest creatures that have lived on Earth. Mind you there are some unwelcoming creatures of wild animals, wolf and beers that perhaps would not tolerate us around them! Through the evolution of romanticism, enlightenment, industrialisation – We made ourselves human, the renaissance creature. Today, We enjoy theatre, relax with a glass of wine and show empathies, care, love towards our fellow human beings. We enjoy meals with friends and family. We make friends and we have no enemies.If we are to look inside our bodies. Astonishingly, our bodies have not changed for 30,000 years. Let’s look at some structures and system in a bit more detail.

Human Body Systems

Our body is the most complex machine, yes – it is nothing less than the most advanced combination of systems, interconnects, processing units, peripherals. Intertwined between skeleton, muscles (no.) are more fine structures such as organs, nerves, veins, arteries and all working in unison signalling alerts to central power brain. Every structure be it a cluster of muscle, bones or tissues require continuous supply of blood to bring nutrients and remove waste. Such is an incredible functioning of human heart that it pumps blood continuously all over body even during sleep, adrenaline or intense exercise.

Skeleton System

Skeleton system , a network of interconnected bones. It provides support, shape and protection to the soft tissues and delicate organs. One could imaging how sensitive and vulnerable we are and role the ribcage offers to the delicate organs that continuously beat to help us live.

Bones are rigid, lightweight strong and hard structures. They not only support delicate bits but also produce red blood cells, white bloods cells. They store minerals and could contain bone marrow, nerves, blood vessels as well as cartilage. Cartilage, well the bones are developed from cartilage. It is a precursor to the bone development during embryonic development. As a matter of fact, even when grown into bones and covered with muscles, cartilage still exist as connective tissue between joints, rib cage, elbow, nick – you get the picture!

Muscular system 

Muscles, provide strength. Must provides movement. Muscle provides heat for body to keep warm. There are few different types. We have Cardiac Muscle such as Heart. Then we have Involuntary Muscles as well as Skeleton muscles. Skeleton muscles are the one that we usually recognise as muscles. e.g. biceps, piriformis, shoulders blades. These are attached with bones using tendons.

Nervous System

Nervous system is made up of nerves which collect sensory information to brain and tell muscles to contract and cause physical action. There is Central Nervous System and Peripheral nervous system. Later being involved at micro-level to collect/relay information between cells and various body parts. CNS is primarily made up of Brain and Spinal Cord. Both are well protected. Brain is encased within skull which made up of hard bones whilst spinal cord is protected by vertebrae.

What is important to note is that although these structure of nerves, veins, bones, muscles run together throughout the body. Each and every one of these is mindful of each others space and respect their boundaries. If a muscle slips and gets in the way of a nerve then it could result in excruciating pain.

Human body, the most precious possession

Our bodies is the most precious possession that we all own. No treasure, no gadget, no asset could match what we all inherently possess. What is also incredible that regardless of our heritage, origin, nationality – all bodies, like I have shown you, are similar. And it is our right to enjoy our life and live to our will.

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