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    • Michael PetersMichael Peters
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      This topic is inspired by Iron Man’s Suit in the Avengers Infinity War movie. Will it still be in the future when we can use nanotechnology in different areas of science? I’ve seen a video about a nanotech that can be used to repair dead cells or fight cancer cells without the use of conventional treatment.

    • S BeckS Beck
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      A good, yet general, example answer to your question involves the U.S. Military. They have always obtained and utilized breaking technology before the general public…….starting with computers themselves back in the 40’s and 50’s. Once other countries get wind of it and get their own, then it’s time for the U.S. to get something else more modern. When they do, they “release” the technology to companies and corporations.

      So, at first, it is present but secret and then later on it becomes “future” tech.

    • Khurram Wariskhurram waris
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      It is not that far from the future that nano-tech will be fully utilized in our society. Medical treatment would be one of the benefactors of this technology as doctors or technicians can remove blockages of any kind without opening up the human body.

      K Waris

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