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Encouraging students who struggle with Maths

It’s a well-known fact, that the subject of maths can be intimidating to some students and this can cause them to not want to participate in the subject at all. If students get frustrated with math because of principles and concepts that they don’t fully understand, it can be hard to encourage them to look at the subject with even an ounce of enthusiasm.

However, there are things that teachers can do to help encourage those students who are struggling with this subject. Maths do not have to be a dry, boring subject full of drills and worksheets. There are more engaging ways to teach math effectively and creatively. If your students are having a good time, they are much more likely to retain the information being presented.

Use games to attract kids interest in math

There are lots of games that you may already have in your classroom that help to teach mathematical skills. Here are just a few that are popular with teachers:

Sequence Numbers
Pizza Fraction Fun

When using games to teach maths skills you may find it helpful to break students into smaller groups. Most games have a suggested number of players listed.

Pair up the students

If you have students who are doing well with a certain concept, pair them with a student who is still struggling. Let the student who has grasped the concept try to explain it to the student who has not. Many times it is easier for a peer to see what another peer doesn’t understand and they can help them to see what they have been missing.

Use maths apps

Instead of using worksheets, flash cards, or drills to reinforce maths facts and concepts, why not use a learning app? There are lots of apps available and students can use them both at home and in the classroom. Don’t let cost deter you; most apps don’t cost much to begin with and many are free. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Math Bingo
Maths Universe Bundle
Mathletics Student
Pure Math
DragonBox Algebra

Ask other instructors for help

If you have students who are just not understanding a concept, no matter what strategy you try, ask another instructor for help. They may have a method to offer that you haven’t thought of or maybe even one that you didn’t know about. Just as all students learn differently, generally all teachers present the material differently as well.

Developing a love and understanding of maths is very important in students of all ages. Having them frustrated and declaring that they are no good at it is not good for the students or the teachers. The strategies listed above can help you to reach students who are struggling, and also show them that maths can be fun. The number one thing that you can do to instill a love of maths in your students is to approach each lesson with genuine enthusiasm because that will be contagious to all of them.

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