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Covid-19 and Coronavirus attack

In a period of less than two months, covid-19 spread over 200 countries with over 5,595,091 confirmed cases and 350,547 deaths. Not to mention these are only the reported figures. The true figures are likely to be higher.  Where did covid-19 start and How coronavirus spread around the world? How does coronavirus attack human body. How coronavirus affects lungs and why the serious cases need ventilators? Do you wish to know the detailed timeline of events and devastating aftermaths of covid-19?

This video answers these questions. It is a first video to the series of covid-19 and coronavirus solutions that I would be discussing. In the foreseeable future, I aim to further discuss how engineering and sciences could be applied to prevent spread of coronavirus. How future engineers and scientists could prepare their career to protect communities against another unfortunate pandemic? How we can use genomics to build coronavirus vaccine? How to build coronavirus ventilator? What students and apprentices could learn to engineer next generation ventilator.

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