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Covid-19 treatment with ventilator

Vaccine is merely a trigger to harness our immune system to produce anti-bodies. What if immune system does not respond in reasonable time? What is the treatment to Covid-19? Does existing ventilators provide suitable treatment to prolonged resuscitation required for Covid-19 patients? What are the available methods to provide mechanical ventilation. This video explains these questions and why Covid-19 has offered engineers and clinicians a challenge that was not experienced before. This video explains how breathing works and fundamental design requirements to treat Covid-19 ventilator. Why Bag Valve Mask is not suitable treatment to treat Covid-19? As well as answering these questions, the video also shows routes to bring new ventilators in to UK market.

In the future videos, I aim to walk you through the design of a possible Covid-19 ventilator that would meet the requirements of controlled amount of flow at controlled pressure required for Covid-19 patients. I believe, the required ventilator could be produced for a price tag less than £400 using existing parts that are easily available.

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