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Coronavirus | Vaccine and Immune System | Khurram Waris | Ioteach

Vaccine trains body to fight illness rather than treat illness. It trains body by harnessing our immune system.
Bacteria/virus exist in unlimited quantity around human body and on human body.
These bacteria/virus could find easy entry in to human body through nose/mouth/eyes. Body itself is highly porous. On average, human body contains over 5 million pores with over 20,000 pores on face alone.
Some of these virus could cause illness. It could hurt and damage us. So we need some defence.
The surfaces of virus is coated with protein or sugar element. And this is the target point. This is the weak point of bacteria. Kill protein/sugar, we have killed the virus.
Our body has a natural defence system, called immune system which is powered with a large army of white blood cells type Lymphocytes.
Seeing body under attack, immune system develops a strategy to prepare for the battle. It commands its army of lymphocytes to generate weapons and tools. These weapon and tools are called anti-bodies.
These weapons, Antibodies have to match with the virus protein structure. It is like key and a lock arrangement.
Antibodies attack virus on its weakest point. Which is? Yes, protein structure!
With any battle strategy, trouble is time for strategy to work. And it takes a while often few days for lymphocytes to produce right weapons of antibodies.
Once right type of antibodies are discovered, immune system turns the body in to a production line – mass producing millions of antibodies and eliminating virus out of the body.
If virus is fatal then human body could not handle delays. Virus disease could lead to organ failure or even loss of life.

Vaccine is simply dead virus or harmless virus or even simply matching protein structures.
These harmless injections trigger the body’s immune system to produce antibodies. It is akin to ‘Simulation of World War’. Like countries train military, airforce, navies by simulating a real war. By injecting antibodies, we build our defence, our immune system to fight the virus.

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