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IoTab- #Ioteach solution for condition monitoring leveraging #IOT through #augmented reality

Many of our clients are now driving better business outcomes by leveraging the ‘ Internet Of Things IoT ’ to accelerate business by transforming data into insight.

We believe that in the near future IoT-created data will be stored, processed, analysed, and acted upon close to – or at the edge of – the network.

To meet these demanding requirements, we collaborate with trusted equipment manufacturers to create and integrate industrial condition monitoring solutions that run in real time entirely at the network edge. We combine the latest data acquisition methods, secure wireless, edge computing, and analytics platforms. Plant owners and operators can now economically instrument all of their machines and instruments to proactively detect and diagnose faults for optimal performance, longer uptime, and lower mean time to repair.

Our solutions and systems provide unprecedented edge compute, data capture and control, datacentre-class security, device and systems management, as well as large storage capacity to provide heavy-duty analytics and insights to the edge. This approach enables our clients to make real-time decisions and add value to their operational processes, resulting in better business outcomes.

IoTabTM  combines augmented reality application to build new, immersive user experiences in order to transform the way our clients create, operate, and service products. We deliver augmented reality and real-time visualization of data, anomalies and predictions, enabling mobile service technicians and system engineers to view a digitized version of internal system details, current data points, anomalies, and predictions — simultaneously monitoring and maintaining industrial systems in real-time.

We welcome interest in our technology and research from our clients and visitors. Further information on our condition monitoring solutions is available on request…

Augment Reality

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